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When we were younger, we were probably brought to the bank when our parents had banking business to take care of.  We were told of all these wonderful things abou the bank.  How much money there was in the safe and how banks hold the money for your parents and they get a plastic card that will let them get money from this thing called an ATM.


Fast forward to the end of high school and the beginning of college or your first job.  You now HAVE to get a checking account since you are going to be receiving money for work or school.  No one explained to you what an Overdraft fee is but there you are, you got one from using your checking account because you swiped your card and the transaction was "approved."  No one explained to you what a bank does when use your debit card as a "credit" transaction and there is a processing period of about 3 business days.  So much to keep track of!


Financial Fidelity Academy will take some of the mystifying things about a bank and break it down in real-world applications. The aim is to introduce simple concepts and keep building on them.  We encourage parents to open a high school checking account (usually complimentary) to aid the student in how banks work.


For adults and professionals, banking management classes will afford the knowledge and application that will aid in mastering banking to avoid getting into the "overdrawn" cycle, or worse, having to need payday advances.  


Here are some resources for you to review and utilize banking concepts (Link will open in new window):

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