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Financial Literacy

Arm yourself with essential knowledge:
Learn the fundamentals of Banking, Credit, Investing, and Entrepreneurship


Learn Banking Concepts and Make Banking Work For You


Deposits, withdrawals, and debit cards... oh my! Banking may seem simple at first, but without budgeting and balance, you might get stuck being overdrawn.


Entrepreneurship is the Key to Unlock the Life of Independence


Have a passion for something? Why not turn it into a money-making venture? A stand selling lemonade in the summer teaches the process of operation.  It takes action that provides hands-on learning.


Understanding How Credit Works For You


Credit can be a dirty word for some young individuals.  If you don't know how it works, then you might fall victim to its wrath. Be a master of it, and reap all the savings.

Understand the 5 C's of Credit:

  • C - Character

  • C - Capacity

  • C - Collateral

  • C - Capital

  • C - Conditions


Instructor is Industry-Experienced


With the belief that fundamental knowledge of finances is a must at a young age, the founder and Executive Director is a Personal Management Merit Badge counselor for the Long Beach Area Council Scouts. Currently positioned as Head Instructor and Director of a Veterans Program in Long Beach, CA with over 25 years of customer service, sales, logistics, technology, and safety experience, also a former investment banker with Series 6/63, Life Insurance licenses, and a Notary Public; what you have is a well-rounded perspective.


Investing is Not Just For the Wealthy and Affluent


401(k) or IRA? Retirement saving can be a big question mark for a lot of people, especially young individuals. Understanding basics which leads into developing strategies for investing will ensure a balanced and growing portfolio for you to enjoy down the road.

There are many options for individuals that prioritize saving and investing. If you are not committed to "being kind to your future self," you risk not being able to retire on your own terms. Many tools are available for free or at a very low cost. 


Ongoing Education is the Recipe for Financial Success


Basic, intermediate, and advanced classes are structured to be building blocks of financial success.  No one can be a financial success overnight.  It takes discipline and good habits to achieve success.

It takes a good environment of individuals that support one another in the quest to improve their own understanding of finances as a whole.

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