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Our Half-Marathoner

My name is Reggie Lao and I am the cofounder of and Financial Fidelity Academy. I've had a fascination with commerce, entrepreneurship, helping people, and earning money since I was in the 8th grade.


I'm only 5'5" (165cm) and since coming from being 290 lbs. (132kg) in 2003 when I was 23 years old, I'm now in the best shape of my life at a healthy 150 lbs. (68kg). I want to raise awareness for financial literacy to be taught to the youth as early and as often as possible.  This is the reason @FFAcad exists.


We can continue to pursue our mission of providing access to financial literacy for our youth. We want raise funds for new supplies and software (Zoom annual nonprofit subscription) in order to increase our reach in the community. Please continue reading if you would like to learn more about supporting our mission.


By running in the 2023 Long Beach Half Marathon, my vision is to put on display a strong work ethic, discipline, determination, and dedication are key parts of what makes a person healthy, wise, and happy!


The journey IS the destination.


Health > Wealth!

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Why FFAcad and Exist


Financial Fidelity Academy was founded in 2016 with our vision of "Being kind to our future self through gratitude and self-empowerment." This means that by gaining the knowledge of your own capabilities and tendencies, you have to teach yourself to practice gratitude on a daily basis or be subjected to the constant dissatisfaction that life can bring. Practicing gratitude allows you to take stock of what you do have, and in most cases, you'll see that you have everything you need with the right people to help you to make it to the next level. FFAcad fosters the environment and individuals that will learn, utilize, improve, these fundamental skills and mentor the next line of young people to become better decision makers. Seeing good and imperfect examples of successful people are crucial when it comes to learning your own financial fidelity to improve your lives and your next generations to come.


Once you are inspired to self-empower and are around the right circle of people, you can become an unstoppable force to reach the goals and dreams you sought to accomplish or didn't think you could accomplish. Whether you take the quickest route out of most, or takes you on a long and enriching journey, know that the path to accomplishing growth and conquering of obstacles is the ACTUAL destination of humans. Recognition and money should be considered a biproduct of the hard work you put in initially, and not be the main objective or end game goal.


Once you are conscientious about being kind to your future self, you will begin to take better care of your health. It all goes hand in hand.

As an OSHA Authorized trainer since 2019, I have noticed that there are quite a large number of people that are still unfamiliar with their occupational rights. Occupational safety & health has always been a major concern for the 5th largest world economy that is California and that's also why we have a local OSHA division called Cal/OSHA. Most companies are not aware of the compliance requirements that exist in California. Average citations issued by Cal/OSHA range from $50,000 to upwards of $1.6 million and beyond. A small business would not be able to withstand large fines from OSHA, costs to abate and/or defend, and have to deal with personnel shortfall should workers get injured.

A division of FFAcad, echoes the vision of being kind to our business' future self through compliance of safetly guidelines and programs to minimize accidents and maximize worker satisfaction.

Show your support with a $25 donation to rep your own FFAcad Long Beach Half Marathon Race Day shirt and help us fundraise for supplies and software needed to help youth with financial literacy.

Size (Men): Small, Medium, Large

Donation: $25

We Accept: Credit/Debit/Zelle/Venmo/CashApp - Zelle / PayPal

@ffacad - Venmo

$ffacad - CashApp

Mobile# (562) 208-2812 


Medal, bib, and sticker not included.
Sweat and autograph extra.

Thank you to our
t-shirt supporters!

Alejandro Arevalo 

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