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Credit could be a great ally or your worst nightmare.  When we turn 18, we get a flood of offers in the mail since we are "legal" now.  Some of those offers are for credit cards and sometimes we get approved for a "college credit card" with an introductory interest rate of 0% and enticing to swipe.  Some of us get carried away.


Credit cards can be seen as a useful tool for taking advantage of companies that offer aggressive cash back programs to incentivize their constant use.  If managed correctly, can yield savings or "cash back" that may also be applied to partner travel programs. Understanding the pros and cons of utilizing certain credit cards will open up the ability to "customize your prize," if you will.


Proper credit management will allow the individual to take advantage of great lease programs or purchase interest rates for vehicles. It will also allow the individual to become qualified to purchase a home at a great interest rate.  Gaining fundamental concepts of how credit is assessed will allow an individual to attain Tier 1 Plus type credit (e.g. 820 FICO Score).


Think of our credit system as a method for an individual to show a potential lender that you are a VERY reliable borrower.  If you can show that consistently over many years with the right set of accounts, you too can have the best of the world of credit.


Here are some resources that are available for you to use now (Link will open in new window):

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